Faction Archives Section 3 12/61 Heading SHINY BASTARDS

Name - Axos, smaller components known as “Axons”

Known Aliases - Enemy of Life, The Living Virus, Francois Sué of Neves and companions (see below), or the 1974-78 glam band “Esme and the Drunken Giraffe”

Known Abilities - Capable of boring us all to tears talking about how they’re a never-ending source of energy, whinging on about their stupid bio-ship, and can consume the entire life of a world. Also able to look like prancing morons without noticing it.

Last Recorded Encounter With Faction Operatives - In Paris 1873, a group of SHINY BASTARDS was located by Cousin Jules, while on assignment as part of a Faction squad attempting to create atomic weaponry out of clockwork and absinthe (see file: THE GREAT GREEN FAIRY EXPLOSION). Subjects were posing as a group of courtesans of both genders, renowned for their flexibility and docility, according to reports capable of “pleasuring you in every way somehow simultaneously”. Hostilities were exchanged subsequent to discovery, as SHINY BASTARDS assumed Jules’ emission of chronic energy meant he was a member of the CIA’s Temporal Vice division, while Jules’ thought one of the group was his ex-lover Armand now doing things for profit he refused to do for Jules’ for free. After a minor fire-fight in the streets of Paris, subjects escaped, Cousin Jules disciplined for his lack of tact, and at last report Armand went on to sleep with most of the leading lights of the Decadent movement.

Transmission Ends

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